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P.O..Box 21061 P.O. 17880 Nazareth
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Carmit Ehrenreich
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Sons of Baheeg Kawar Industrial LTD
Company Profile
The Kawar family* is one of the most well-established and influential families in Jordan and Israel. The family began producing arak (rantus) in Jordan about 70 years ago in a small factory established by the family grandfather Iskandar Kawar, who became a well-known arak expert and producer.In 2002, the Kawar family began an Israeli-Jordanian initiative to come up with the world’s best formula for producing high-quality arak. Toward that end, the family enlisted the world’s leading experts...Read more

Carmit Ehrenreich,

Traditional Premium Black 53% Alcohol
Created, developed and produced exclusively at our state-of-the-art production plant in Israel
Made exclusively from natural ingredients
Based on natural Syrian aniseed, considered the best in the world, 100% alcohol from sweet white grapes, and purified water
Powerful, full-bodied and complex arak
Given its higher alcoholic content, particularly suitable for arak aficionados of refined tast
Business Opportunity
Sons of Baheej Kawar, Producers of premium Arak (the traditional Middle East Aniseed alcoholic drink) and Premium Vodka is looking for distributors in the EU USA and Asia.

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