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Herzel Sharet
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Company Profile
Founded in 2004, Media2Go is a privately held wireless technology company.Until 2009, Media2Go operated in two parallel venues - developing Bluetooth-based products, and implementing indoor and outdoor proximity marketing campaigns. Leveraging its extensive cellular technology and advertising expertise, the company offered full solutions to global companies and advertising agencies. Projects involved well-known brands such as Coca Cola, as well as large-scale implementations, such as the...Read more

Herzel Sharet, Managing Director -Technology

The Media2Go Advertising System (MAS) provides an intuitive web-based interface for setting up and managing campaigns uploading content, scheduling, and remotely managing multiple media streamers.

The M2Go Media streamer acts as content hot spot that wirelessly delivers rich content in a designated area to any mobile device. Supporting both WiFi and Bluetooth in the same device, or only Bluetooth, the M2Go streamer accommodate unlimited Wi-Fi users and up to 28 simultaneous Bluetooth connections.

The Analysis tools lets you evaluate campaign results and view statistics related to total eyeballs, message interaction, etc.
Business Opportunity
We are looking for three different type of partners. Please pick the model that suits you and contact us today.

Channel Partners
A channel partner is a company that sells complementary services to various markets and chooses to resell the Media2Go Solution. Media2Go works with Channel partners to resell our solutions into many different markets. Media2Go offers prospective Channel partners a lucrative reseller opportunity, exclusive vertical markets, extensive training and support. We are...Read more
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