Microwave Engineering Group (MEG)
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14 Hashaked st., POB 175, Hevel Modiin Ind. Park 73199 Israel
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Microwave Engineering Group (MEG)
Company Profile
MEG – Microwave Engineering Group was first established in 1993, as a small department in local Israeli company. MEG’s team, consisting of top Israeli experts in the fields of RF, mechanical design and manufacturing technologies, gained over the years an enormous experience in the development, design, production and testing of microwave passive components, antennas and integrated sub—systems.
Today, MEG Ltd. is an independent company focusing on one and only...Read more

1. Waveguide products
1.1. Rigid Waveguide (Rectangular, Double Ridge, Circular)
1.1.1.Straight Sections
1.1.4.Twisted Sections
1.1.5.Waveguide Transitions
1.1.6.Custom Bended Waveguides
1.2. Flexible Waveguides (Rectangular, Double Ridge, Elliptic)
1.3. Waveguide Terminations (Dummy Loads)
1.4. Waveguide Power Dividers/Combiners
1.4.1. Magic Tee
1.4.2. Waveguide Couplers: Directional, Dual, Cross, Loop, OMT
1.4.3.T Junctions (H-plane, E-plane)
1.4.4.Y Junctions (H-plane, E-plane)
1.4.5.High Power Radial Dividers
1.5. Pressure Windows
1.6. Waveguide Attenuators
1.7. Waveguide Filters
1.8. Waveguide Rotary Joints
1.9. Waveguide Short Plates
2. Waveguide Coax Products
2.1. Waveguide to Coax Adapters
2.1.1. Rectangular Waveguide to Coax Adapter
2.1.1. Rectangular Waveguide to Coax Adapter Standard, Inline (Endlaunch), High Power
2.1.2.Double Ridge Waveguide to Coax Adapter Standard, Inline (Endlaunch), High Power
2.1.3.Circular Waveguide to Coax Adapter Standard, Inline (Endlaunch), High Power
2.1.4.Elliptic Waveguide to Coax Adapter Standard, Inline (Endlaunch), High Power
2.2. Power Samplers
3. Coax Products
3.1. Couplers
3.2. Filters
3.3. High-Power Dummy Loads
3.4. High-Power Attenuators
4. Antennas
4.1. Horn Antennas Rectangular, Circular, Standard Gain, Ridged, Double Ridged, Corrigated, With
Lenses to increase gain, Custom mounting solutions.
4.2. Spiral Antenna Cavity Backed, Conical Log, Helical
4.3. Slot array antenna
4.4. Bi Conical Antenna
4.5. Dish Antennas of all kinds


1.Side Lobe Canceller
2.EMI/EMC Instrumentation Antenna
3.Microwave Transparent Antenna (Bipolar)
4.High Power Antenna With Extremely Low Gain In Near Zone And High Gain In Far Range
5.MICROWAVE LOW FREQ. ANTENNA WITH NO RADIANT PART (using electrical parts of the
system as radiant components).

Business Opportunity
As one of Israel's leading manufacturers of high-quality microwave passive components including Waveguides, Couplers, Terminations, Filters, Multiplexers, Adapters, Dividers etc. and Microwave Antennas of all kinds, specializing on Freq. of 0.7-40 GHz, and high power application We are looking for representatives/distributors in global markets.

We work with the Israeli Aerospace Industries, Elbit Systems, the Israeli Defense Forces, Ministry of Defense, etc. We always offer our high quality components at a...Read more
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