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P.O. box 225 Or-Aqiva 30600 ISRAEL
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Sabina Agayev
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Natalie Cakes
Company Profile
 Confectionery "Nathalie" was founded in 1998 by Jacob Benyamini. The aim of the company's founders was to bring to Israel a traditional Russian pastry school with a European tinge, using the best and quality products. All "Nathalie"’s cakes are manufactured by skilled confectioners with the kind of love and care, that only true masters express towards their creations. We take pride in our original and highly professional recipes, new food technologies, high criteria on appearance, and many...Read more

Company News
Kosher for Passover cakes by the Rabnout Hatam Soffer Petah Tiqwa. With no traces of Kitniyot!
Sabina Agayev, Marketing Manager

Classic Round Cakes

Cakes Bars

Petite delights

Small round cakes

Custom-made Cakes
Business Opportunity
Natalie cakes are leading manufacturers of premium frozen cakes and pastries. The products are all Kosher , available year round, including special Kosher for Passover cakes.

We also produce a gluten free line. Our products are suitable for hotels, catering companies, and event sites, catering especially to the religious community that require high levels of Kashrut. Natalie Cakes are looking to expand the distribution network to include companies working with large food chains, and buyers in large food chains....Read more
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