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Industrial Zone Poleg Netanya, 42505
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Marina Gurtin
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Naveh Pharma LTD
Company Profile
Naveh Pharma LTD is a privately held company specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing Pharmaceutical and diverse health care patented products.
Naveh Pharma reputation was created from a line of proprietary, high quality products, using unique techniques, directed toward the Pediatric General Practition and ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) fields.
Naveh Pharma Ltd. is a licensed distributor of medical pharmaceuticals including...Read more

Nitsan Primor, CEO

Marina Gurtin, VP Business Development

Anti Leg Cramps
Immediate relief of Nocturnal Leg Cramps.
Clean Ears
For ear wax removal, best efficacy.
Preg Cramps Buster
Immediate relief of Pregnancy Leg Cramps.
Dry Ears
Unique product for removal of excess water trapped in the ear canal.
Throat spray for the prevention of snoring.
Salina Gel
Nasal moisturizer for dry nasal passages with the advanced Hyaluronate Moisturizing Complex.
ElectroRice Strawberry & Lemon
Rice based ORS (oral re-hydration solution) for the prevention of dehydrating in cases of diarrhea.
Avoids ear pain and ear discomfort clogging and popping during take-off & landing in flight. Pressure reducing ear plugs, regulates air pressure.
Business Opportunity
Naveh Pharma is a leading manufacturer of OTC Pharma products. The company markets its products under private label and as a company brand.

We are looking for small pharmaceutical companies with marketing and sales departments to distribute or products (Medical reps, sales persons to pharmacies) in the smaller markets. In large population centers we are looking for a big pharmaceutical company that would market our products under private label.

All our products are very effective and gain...Read more
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