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27 Lea Goldberg St, Ashdod 77733. Ashdod
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Levnat Levi
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Ner Lachim Ltd.
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Many of us wish to light a memorial candle to remember and respect the memory of lour loved ones but the bother to do it weekly or monthly not to mention daily and the fear of fire and the mess involved prevents us from honoring them the way we wish.
Candle for Life The Solar Memorial Eternal Light is the only candle that lights continuously 24 hours a day all year long symbolizing our ever lasting love and memory when we are not there.
Candle for Life - The Solar...Read more

Levnat Levi,

The Solar Memorial Eternal Light

-Lights 24 hours a day

-Lights continuously for more than two years

-No fire , no smoke, no mess

-No maintenance

-Respects the environment

-Easy installation
Business Opportunity
We are looking for distributors in global markets for our unique Solar Memorial Eternal Light product line. Please contact us more information.
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