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P.O.B 30, Ind. Zone Barkan
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Ofer Meir
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Ofertex Industries
Company Profile
The Ofertex plant is one of the worlds biggest and most modern in the field of manufacturing cloths by non-woven stitch bonding (zigzag) technology. The plant is engaged in the recycling of textile waste and production of various consumer goods from recycled material, with floor cloths, bathmats, home mats, pet mats and variety of innovative cleaning cloths being the...Read more

Ofer Meir, Marketing Director contact@israelexporter.com

Cleaning Supplies
Ofertex offers several types of floor cloths to ensure an ease of use, and multi purpose cleaning cloths that have hundreds of uses around the home

Non-woven geotechnical (Geotextile) fabrics which have many applications in the building industry; Non-woven Fabrics in Rolls for many uses that include upholstery, fillings, rugs, covers, etc.; Emegency blankets;

Private labels, specific designs and variety of packaging possibilities for each of the products take a look!

Home products (Mats)
An attractive range of economically priced, printed mats made from non-woven material.
Soft and pleasant to the touch, these are long lasting mats and ideal for use in the bathroom, kitchen, workroom or home office, even by the back door.

Textile waste
Recycled cotton and viscose fibers and Sorted cotton cuttings (cotton cuttings) are available packaged for use in the textile industry.

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