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Optima Olber International
Company Profile
Lack of physical exercise, smoking, mental stress, not keeping a healthy lifestyle and keeping an unbalanced diet are the main causes for a long list of many sicknesses. In order to restore beauty, health and longevity, we must find the potential hidden in many natural substances. We must activate our body systems with the rare virtues of medicinal herbs that have been kept in ancient medicine books.
The main goal of the our company "Optima Oliver International", is to develop and...Read more

Oleg , Founder

Our products are in the following areas:

-Salon of climatic healing
-Cardiovascular system
-Body cleaning
-Cerebral circulation and peripheral circulation
-Urogenital system
-Allergic response
-Sport and physical activity
-Hemorrhoid, varicose veins
-Headache, hemicrany
-Blood pressure
-Depressive state (depression) and insomnia
-Maxillary sinusitis
-Diabetes mellitus
-Hepar and pancreas
-Loss of hair
-Orthopaedic system
-Eyesight problems
Business Opportunity
Optima Olber International is looking to connect with distributors to Pharm stores in the US and EU Markets!
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