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Kibbutz OR-HANER, M.P. Hof Ashkelon 79190
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Ornit Blind Rivets
Company Profile
Ornit Blind Rivets, a leading manufacturer, designer, marketer and provider of fastening solutions. Since 1975, Ornit boasts a broad range of multi-function fasteners suitable for both automatic assembly and manual applications.
Ornit's portfolio is packed with structural and non-structural products designed to provide solutions to all your application needs. Ornit's high quality fasteners are used for Industrial, Constructional and...Read more

Company News
Visit Us at the Fasterner Fair- Budapest September 6-7 2010! www.fasternerfair.hu
Shai, VP Sales and Marketing

-Orlock Series: Structural, breakstem fastener, with unique double locking,system and exceptional shear and tensile strengths.
-Orlock Plywood: Structural, breakstem fastener, with unique double locking,
system. designed for plywood and soft materials applications.
-Super-Orlock Series: Super Structural, breakstem fastener, with unique, double locking system and Superior shear and tensile strengths.
-Ornilock Series: Multi grip, structural breakstem fasteners, with internal, locking mechanisms.
-Or-Bolt Series: Multi-grip, structural breakstem fasteners, with external, locking mechanisms.
-Stelock Series: High strength breakstem fastener with excellent bulb tail formation.
-Or-Bulb Series: Aluminium alloy fastener with split tail, forming a large blind side area.
-T.P.R / O.R.P Series: Superior Peel rivet with locked mandrel.
Steel Fix Series: Superior, multi grip performance, steel rivet.
-U-Fix Series: Highly versatile, multi grip fastener with a long, reliable, track record.
-Open End Series: Standard blind rivet with an open end stem.
-Painted Rivets: Option available to colour all aluminium type rivets.
-Cappuchon: Plastic caps fit over the head of the rivet.

Business Opportunity
We are seeking distributors in the field of metal fasteners supplying the vehicle building industry, metal structure constructors and many other applications in wide geographical regions, especially in Japan, Korea, Scandinavia and certain Latin American countries.
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