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Shidlovski St., North Industrial Area, P.O.Box 175 Yavne 81101
Contact Person:
Nimrod Ben Naim
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Plasto-Sac Group
Company Profile
The Plasto-Sac group specializes in the manufacture of packaging and film for a variety of fields and offers a wide range of creative packaging solutions for customers on the international market.
Plasto-Sac was founded in 1982 following the merger between two smaller companies with over 20 years of experience in processing plastic products. In 1994 Plasto-Sac went public with shares traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and in 2000 the group added a subsidiary - Mor...Read more

Nimrod Ben Naim, Export Sales Manager

Plasto Sac's Product Catalog includes a wide variety of products for various applications:
-Food & Consumers Packaging Applications
-Industrial Supply Applications
-Documents & Money Movers, Security Bags
-Rubber & Tire Industry Applications
Business Opportunity
Plasto Sac is looking for distributors of Security Envelopes in worldwide markets, and buyers of security envelopes in large organanizations.

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