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Shlomi, 22832
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Menachem Grinshpan
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Polycart Technologies
Company Profile
Polycart specializes in the design and manufacture of reusable multipurpose cases and
rigid briefcases. Polycart offers solutions to suit our customer’s specific requirements, including the designs of new models, or modifying and improving existing models. Production of parts is possible up to 4200x2020x40 mm using sheets of 12.5mm thickness
Polycart is located on the lower slopes of the western Galilee hills, overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean sea.For the last 15 years Polycart...Read more

Menachem Grinshpan , General Manager hadas@polycartt.com

Heavy Duty Cases
Polycart heavy duty cases are disigned to withstand
the most severe conditions while giving the maximum
protection to the most sensitive equipment,
the impact resistant case walls are made from high
molecular weight polyethylene (hmwpe) and are
unaffected by oil, acids and solvents, these products
are water tight and have a dust proof case.

Light Duty Cases
Polycart light duty cases offer the highest quality in
a wide range of sizes. The cases are made from ABS,
Polycarbonate, PS & PA+Glass.

Combat Packs and Fluorescent Vests
A combination of textile and plastics, which provides
a solution when weight is a problem.
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