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4 Shaldag St., Ramla
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Hadar Mizrahi
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Shhakim Technologies Rav Hevel
Company Profile
Shhakim was established in 1986 by Lavi Moshe –Shiko, a refrigeration and air conditioning practical engineer and started off installing air conditioners.
Over the years, Moshe developed several unique, top-quality products and technological solutions in the fields of air conditioner brackets and clotheslines that revolutionized these industries. Some of these developments are also patented. In 2000, the company started operating under the name Shhakim Technologies RAV...Read more

Hadar Mizrahi, Marketing Manager

You no longer have to bend over to hang the laundry. Rav Hevel, a smart, surprisingly simple device for hanging laundry, helps you hang and take down laundry easily while standing upright.

Dimensions rails: up to 1 meter = 10 lines. From side to side: up to 2.8 m. for windows and up to 2.5 m. in the yard

The easiest way to hang laundry

1. Up to 10 double lines that move towards you.

2. No need to lift up the device, it has no

mechanism or springs.

3. A top quality, resilient galvanized steel device

coated with anti-rust oven baked paint

the same material as an air conditioner outdoor unit.

4. Okolon wheels and high quality lines.

5. The size is suited to the intended area.

6. Optional: awning that attaches to the device.

7. Enables comfortable and swift access to the

hanging space.

8. A variety of installation solutions.

9. The device is safe and easy to use.

10. Environmentally friendly.

Business Opportunity
Rav Hevel is looking to connect with home depot stores, construction companies, and architects.
Target markets are mainly in hot climate countries worldwide such as; South Africa, South America, Australia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Switzerland etc.
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