Retail Marketing Case Study -

Recently the team launched a massive outreach campaign to over a thousand food and pharma buyers/distributors across the US and Canada.

The campaign generated great leads for our food and pharma companies and I would like to share this case study with you to illustrate the work process involved with creating this campaign.


Campaign Objectives:

This campaign has three main objectives;

  • To create the first contact between our companies and the buyers/distributors. 
  • To create a "lead explosion" for our companies
  • To reach a large number of relevant professionals within a short period of time

Definition of "lead" in our campaign: buyer or distributor who is expressing interest in a specific product/company/category.


The Challenge:

One of the great debates many consumer product manufacturers have today is whether they should focus on selling to the large big box retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target or should they focus on selling to smaller chains including "Mom n Pop" shops.


The Process

The first step in this campaign was to research retail channels that would be relevant for our companies. This included: number of store locations, product categories, high end -vs- low end, company presence on the web and more.

Once we compiled a list of relevant retail channels (food and pharma) we then researched the relevant buyers within the retailers and the distributors selling to those retailers. We had to make sure all contacts were still active and working with the companies.

From our experience it’s best to target both the distributors and the buyers. There are retail buyers who will express interest in a product and they will move things forward and there are retail buyers who will only work via distributors and products the distributor recommends. It's hard to know.


Following Up:

The follow up process is crucial to the success of any marketing/lead generation campaign.

We are still in the follow up process. running into round three.

In the "first round" we received very few responses and this is usually normal.

A nice number of leads came in as a result of the second round.

Soon we will be launching the third round of follow up.

From our experience it usually takes more than five to seven rounds of following up with prospects until you can generate a nice number of responses.



As we are moving forward with the campaign it has been interesting to see that many of the leads and interest came from the retail buyers. We also had several buyers and distributors who although did not express interest in connecting with our companies but did provide valuable information on their market, current customer buying trends and competition.

Every follow up campaign is launched with new content (depending on the group we are targeting). When we receive a response (‘lead’) we make sure the lead is relevant and warm enough to pass it on to our companies for them to continue the sales process.



Hillel Porath

Co-Founder and Marketing Director

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