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Rachel Gordon Connelly
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RGC Design Co
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RGC Design Co is dedicated to helping you bring your ideas to fruition, in print or on the web.
You receive prompt and personalized service, your questions answered, and your project given the attention it needs when you work with RGC Design Co.  You are ensured satisfaction with your final product.  We take the time to work in collaboration with you so the end result is a reflection of you and your business.Read more

Rachel Gordon Connelly, Director

Print Graphics:

Printed materials: your logo, your business card, your brochure, etc. are a reflection of you and your company. Make sure that they best represent you to clients and potential clients. We offer a wide range of services to cover all of your printing needs including: Business cards, advertisements, brochures, books, catalogues, logos, invitations, etc.

Web Graphics:

You must have a presence on the internet: whether it's a large sales site or a small website that acts as an online brochure. Your clients and potential clients use the internet to find you and find information about what you are providing. Our services include: designing and building websites, creating static advertising banners to put on your or other websites to attract traffic to your business, as well as flash advertising banners.

Other Services:

Talk to us about any of your graphic needs: PowerPoint presentations with a clean, clear message; cropping or resizing photos and other images; informational and how to videos, etc.

We look forward to working with you!
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