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Noam Levy
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RoniPal Ltd.
Company Profile
Ronipal Technologies, a pioneering developer of Protective Packaging systems, uses engineering experience and strong R&D capabilities to design innovative packaging techniques to customers who are committed to a clean environment, a safe work place and ingenuity.Company Vision
At Ronipal we are dedicated to making packaging less expensive and simpler for consumers by introducing efficient systems into the Protective Packing industry. Read more

Company News
Save Money Time and Space!

Worldwide Activity
Ronipal Technologies has established itself as a key player worldwide in developing technology for the Protective Packaging industry.
Ronipal has sold over 10,000 packaging systems globally since 1997 and continues to be sought out by the leading companies in the industry.
With distributors on every continent, Ronipal's packaging systems are making a difference in packaging

Noam Levy, Export manager

Shlomo Nevo , CEO

Pedestrian Barrier
Cost effective
Ronipal's unparalleled barrier design maximizes storage, and transporting / shipping costs.
852 barriers fit in a 40' container.
The legs are clipped inside the barrier to save space and make deliveries of large quantities cost effective.
High stability
Ronipal's inventiveness grants extra stability to the barrier.
It can be used on uneven ground, over curbs, up slopes and across rough terrain.
Simple Clip-on system
Ronipal's interlocking system makes linking barriers together easier and quicker.
Fully recyclable
Ronipal's barriers are 100% recyclable.
Custom made
Ronipal's barrier is available in various colors and advertizing signage can be added to it. Reflective signs can be fixed in the front and back.(BS EN873)

Business Opportunity
Ronipal a leading manufacturer of packaging and plastic products, is looking to make contact with distributors working with companies in the road maintenance, crowd control and outdoor sport and entertainment industries. The company produces a unique cost effective plastic barrier, that is easily assembled and transported, saving space and handling costs.
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