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Kibbutz Hahotrim 30870, Israel
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Gal Wollach
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R.O.P. Ltd
Company Profile
R.O.P. Ltd -  The Go To Company for C.P.P.  ™
For over 40 years R.O.P. Ltd has served its customers with high quality Cast Polypropylene (CPP) film, bags, and converted products.
At our plants in Israel and the Czech Republic we design and extrude world-class products with consistent quality and unique attributes that meet the specific needs of each customer.
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Company News
R.O.P's is proud to introduce its newest FreshCast film and bags for Cauliflower. The new product is engineered for extending Cauliflower shelf life up to double the time compared to unwrapped Cauliflower and prevents shrivel and saves weight loss up to 27%.

FreshCast Film
R.O.P's FreshCast family of films is designed especially for fresh Produce packaging for optimizing shelf life, appearance and preventing weight loss. FreshCast combines exceptional mechanical properties for better handling during processing and transportation with superior transparency which meets customers' desire for clear view of fresh produce.
Gal Wollach, Marketing Director contact@israelexporter.com

In addition to our standard commodity type Cast Polypropylene films such as our Regular Clear Film and SuperClear film for the Stationary industry and regular film for lamination, we have developed an extensive line of Cast Polypropylene films designed for specific purposes and industries, such as our FreshCast film for the produce industry, BreadCast Film for bakery purposes and our freezable PP film as well as retort and autoclave films.

What however, may be of special interest is our newest line of barrier and sealing layer films. Since they have been introduced to the North American market over the last two years they have attracted substantial interest from some major industry players, such as Winpak, Sonoco, Oracle, and Polycello, who are currently either purchasing or testing films from these lines with special interest in the sealing layer films.

These films are divided into two groups:
1. Laminated. This series of films are PET/PP laminated barrier films with various sealing characteristics from easy peel to lock seal.
2. Sealing Layer films. We have the sealing layer of the laminated films that have proven in extensive testing by major companies to be some of the best sealing layer films on the market today, including several which are retortable.
Each of the above series is broken down into TopCast Film which is lidding film and RollCast Film which seals to itself for FFS lines.
Business Opportunity
R.O.P. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and converter of CPP films, COEX BOPP films , lidding stock and unique PAPP COEX films, in addition to wide variety of many types of bags. The company is looking to make contact with distributors of packing materials for bakeries, distributors of packaging for fresh produce packers, or distributors of packaging materials to fresh salad manufacturers, as well as laminators and convertors.

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