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Company Profile
Safecar was established in 2005 with the goal of developing the most efficient auto theft prevention system in mind. Since then, Safecar has installed its products in over 250,000 new cars and has demonstrated outstanding performance in the prevention of auto theft.Read more

Company News
Renault and Nissan importers decided to install the safe protective aluminum in vehicles marketed by them to insure there customers safety; reduce the rate of attempted break-in and theft and at the same time reducing the cost of insurance companies.

Safecar is always one step ahead of the thieves! Safecar is well involved in the automotive aftermarket industry and is in constant contact with law enforcement officers, mechanics, vehicle security officers (related to insurance companies), and specialized engineers for the best insight on the patterns and methods of auto thieves. The SAFE is continuously modified to provide the best theft prevention solution.
Is your car really SAFE?

A professional thief can steal your car within 45 seconds!

All the thief has to do is bypass the original immobilizer system by replacing the ECU (Engine Control Unit).

The most suitable solution?

- A system that makes the disconnection of the ECU by the thief extremely hard or impossible.
- A system that physically prevents access to the original immobilizer.

ONLY Safecar can provide the most effective, simple, and affordable anti theft system.

Safecar's Unique Aluminum SAFE Guards the ECU and the immobilizer:

- The SAFE is made out of a sturdy aluminum structure and installed through use of a unique set of bolts.
- Any attempts to temper with the SAFE are extremely timely and can damage the ECU.
- Safecar's unit is easy to install and requires no maintenance after the set up.

Safecar's SAFE is the only device you can trust!
Business Opportunity

Safe car is looking for distributors of auto security and anti theft products who have an understanding and strong connections in the local market in order to introduce our new and innovative car theft prevention device.

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