Seehara - Jewelry Design Studio
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50 Sheinkin st. Tel Aviv 65232
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Haim Hadad
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Seehara - Jewelry Design Studio
Company Profile
Seehara Jewelry Design Studio specialized in design and handcrafted jewelry for the last 10 years. All our products are outstanding for their unique design, professional craft and finishing levels of the highest standard. The origin of the name Seehara is in Aramaic (ancient Hebrew) and it means the moon. The moon has an essential, major significance in the Jewish world. The Jewish people have been said to be like the moon, they count by the moon and are destined to be renewed like the moon. As the...Read more

Haim Hadad,

We specialize in wedding and engagement rings as well as in jewelries made of silver, gold and gems which are marketed to artist shops in Israel and abroad. You will find something personal, traditional and original in each and every one of our pieces.
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