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Sales Outsourcing enables companies to enter new markets quickly and cost effectively with a sales force that has instant access and established relationships with the seller's targeted customer base.
This is a valuable service for international companies, and start-up companies wanting to enter the Global market.

We take outsourcing and sales management one step further - We are your gateway to sell globally.  Skylimit's Sales Outsourcing Services can provide the missing link to your success.
Skylimit can provide a seamless sales and supply chain from your company to its end user customers from a simple. Office address to a nationwide, managed sales force including all the necessary logistics. Your company can "hit the ground running" without incurring the typical large start-up costs of doing business in the United States.    

Time to market may not show up on a balance sheet, but it can be critical to the company's success and bottom line. Utilizing established independent sales agents with existing customer bases gets a company in front of decision-makers at their targeted customers instantaneously.  Having a. sales presence in real-time and a focused sales force enables companies to gain the market share quickly and profitably.

Why sales outsourcing?

Industry experts acknowledge that outsourcing has become a standard business practice. Outsourcing functions like logistics, administration, help desk/ IT, payroll etc. can save you as much as 20%. Our sales outsourcing can save you at least 20% in cost...


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