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P.O.b 4302 Hadera, Ofek building 1, South Industrial Park, Caesarea
Contact Person:
Liron Gross
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Company Profile
The SMARTVEND Company was established in 2009 by Yaron Litman. The company deals in the development, creation, marketing and sales of vending machines in Israel and the world. As well, it deals in the importation and marketing of drink powders and refills for the machines. The company's offices are located in the Industrial Zone of Caesarea, Israel. The company places special emphasis on its cutting edge service, and assures its clients a quick and effective response....Read more

Company News
Smartvend Has Launched Vending Machines in 7 Countries in Europe!

This exciting news comes at a time when the vending community has shown it's appreciation to the innovation of the machine's capabilities.

SmartVend is proud to announce it had just launched the NEO machine in seven countries in Europe, including: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Our vision is to launch the machines internationally within the next few years.
Liron Gross,

Product Description:
1. Hot & Cold Drinks in the same machine.
2. Can add croutons / nut pieces to various products.
3. Low maintenance requires only 5 minutes vs 45 minutes for other vending machine.
4. Can change variety easily based on seasonality and sales results for various products.
5. Extremely small quantity of replacement parts needed for maintenance.
6. No tubing/ piping inside the machine.
7. No mixers.
8. No lime buildup.
9. No hot water heater.
10. Can customize the entire frontage of the machine.
11. Up to 69 products per machine at a given time.
12. Energy efficient (up to 60% less energy usage).
13. Can use sweetener.
14. Can use fresh milk.
15. Small machine in relations to the number of varieties in it.
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