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Kfar Tabor P.O.B. 422
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Oren Sela
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Tabor Winery
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Kfar Tabor is an agricultural settlement in the heart of the fertile Galilee. The settlement was founded over 100 years ago and one of its prime occupations were vineyards the growing of grapes. Its vineyards soon became famous as suppliers of quality grapes to the countries leading wineries.
It was no accident that the pioneers of Kfar Tabor decided to plant vineyards since the soil and climate are very suitable to growing grapes and the Galilee has...Read more

Oren Sela, CEO

-Tabor Adama: This series of wines awakens the senses, taking you on a sensual journey to the slopes of Mount Tabor, characterized by the rare close proximity to chalk, volcanic and Terra Rosa soils and bubbling natural springs that supply water for the vineyard. Grown in the soil deemed most-suited, each variety of grape milks the land for the best it has to offer, ripening into a dream vintage. Each sip bestows upon the palate a taste of the morning dew, the basalt firmness, the element of the chalk and the red tinted soil, creating a unique 'taste of Israel' mosaic of flavors.
-Tabor Mes'ha: This is the winery's most praise-worthy wine series, produced from carefully chosen hand-harvested clusters of grapes grown in our top-quality vineyards. Due to the selective harvesting, only a small quantity of wine is produced every year, giving expression only to the cream of the crop, thanks to winemaker Arye Nesher's "terroir" approach to winemaking. In the search for perfection, the wines in this series were produced only under maximum conditions. Coupled with advanced technology, uncompromising dedication and love, the resulting wines were modeled in the likeness of the land from whence they came.
-Tabor: The youngest series of Tabor Winery.
This series is based on 100% of each variety, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and Chardonnay, which aged for 4 months in oak barrels
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