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Company Profile
Water bar with integrated media screen – for clever advertising
Watermedia presents a new business potential by combining a water bar with a digital interactive platform into a particularly effective means of advertising.
A water bar with integrated screen, shows promotion clips with each filling of a glass of water.
Precisely at the moment of truth: When the subconscious of the drinker is free to receive messages. The device counts the number of people that have been...Read more

Device capabilities
•Biodegradable filter units and stainless steel tanks allow an unlimited flow of hot, cold and lukewarm water.
•A digital 21 inch screen shows commercials including sound combined with software to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.
•Computer unit with 3G Intel processor and modem for remote control.
•Software that enables control over the presentation of the advertisements, supplies information about timing of the presentation, most and less viewed advertisements and presentation frequency of the clips.
•External branding in accordance with customer requirements.
Business Opportunity
Business Models for the acquisition of the product
1. Advertisers and media companies:
Purchase the product as an advertising platform and distribute the product as advertising space for sale.
2. Purchase by end customers:
Institutions and public agencies, associations and private companies buy the product in order to serve an audience simultaneously upon presentation of clips and advertising according to their interests and - or the sale of advertisement.
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